Flexible Marketing

Get more people into your venue,
target your promotions,
and improve your business.

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Attract new customers and drive sales on specific items, categories, days or groups, with targeted incentive marketing.
Increase: Targeted Sales; Promotion Effectiveness; Friend Referrals; Repeat Visits

Customised for You
24/7 control of your profile and vouchers.
Features: Easy to use; Accessible anywhere; Initial set-up included

Flexible Vouchers
Showcase the best you have to offer, without sacrificing an entire revenue stream.
Control: Format; Validity; Repeat Usage; Referral Bonus

Work Together
No minimum contract period, cancel at any time, and work together with us to create vouchers that give you the best results.

Referrals & Repeat Visits
Reward users that successfully refer more customers to you, creating more opportunities to generate revenue.

Use the Mystery Diner Review

Understand your customers experience and use our in-depth analysis to identify specific changes that will result in measurable improvements.
Increase: Customer Satisfaction; Visit Duration; Revenue; Repeat Visits

Real Consumers
We recruit and train average customers, picked from the public and representative of a varied demographic

Reliable Results
Mystery Diners are anonymous so they get your average customers experience. This gives high quality data and the best possible analysis.

Targeted Analysis
The Mystery Diner Review uses statistical analysis software and a custom built framework made just for the F&B industry.

Trustworthy Advice
A comprehensive report including personalised advice and consultation, based on real data from YOUR business and customers experiences.

Bonus: Generate localised social marketing from every Mystery Diner we send to you.

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