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Venue Guidelines
1. Well Presented: Consistent and purposeful design, decoration or theme; Considered lighting; Staff dress-code; Clear signage; Well presented menus; Good music, sound system and volume control.
2. Clean, Tidy, and well maintained: Nothing dirty; Nothing broken or in bad condition; No bad smells; Everything functioning as new; No visible storage or back areas (unless as a specific design
3. Good Food & Drink: Consistently well prepared and presented; Interesting, unique or purposeful food and drink menu choices; Quality ingredients and products; Hygienic.
4. Good Service: Polite; Well trained teams; Table service (for restaurants).
5. Size & Facilities:
Direct phone for reservations; Minimum of 20 seats in a clearly defined area; Temperature control; On-site customer access to clean and well maintained toilets.

6. Operating Standards: Open at least 6 days a week; No illegal activities; No fake products; No double standard pricing or entry; Minimum dress-code (no topless/ shoe-less); No racist, sexist or prejudiced policies

Terms of Service
1. Fees: You (the company mentioned in the above form) agree to pay Goloco a fee of THB50 per voucher redeemed (vouchers to be defined by you). Voucher redemptions are recorded digitally on Goloco’s servers and database, and are individually confirmed used upon the input of your unique "Merchant Code" inside the App. Any changes to this fee shall be announced at least 30 days before implementation via email to the above mentioned address. 2. Content: Goloco agrees to allow you continual access to the (web-based) client admin system for the purpose of content control, and to display all content provided through the admin system, on the App. You agree to maintain and be held responsible for all content of your profile(s) shown on the App. You also agree to maintain the promotions offered on the App and honour all voucher redemptions within the confines of the Terms of Service. 3.  Termination: The term of this agreement is indefinite and can be deactivated within 3 working days after acknowledged receipt of a written request (can be electronic) sent to Goloco by you. Goloco and its agents retain the right to suspend or permanently disable your profile(s) and vouchers(s) if it is deemed that the platform is being misused, undermined or in any way utilised in a manner that can be considered harmful to Goloco, its agents, clients, or suppliers. 4. Miscellaneous: A) After your account is registered, access shall be granted to the Client Admin System. B) Payment period is 30 days after the end of each month. C) Valid vouchers must be honoured when redeemed by users unless specifically stated otherwise in the voucher terms and conditions. D) Valid Bonuses must be honoured even after a voucher has been discontinued E) Any voucher (as entered into the admin system) featured on Goloco must be exclusive in structure OR greater in value than any similar promotion available in the Clients establishment during the same period. F) Violation of any of these conditions or actions deemed in any way detrimental to Goloco, its users, partners, suppliers or sponsors may result in account suspension without prior warning.